The Benefits Of Geothermal

The Most Environmentally Friendly and Efficient Heating and Cooling System.

Geothermal is Always Efficient

Energy and cost savings of geothermal heat pumps will vary by region and type of conventional system they're compared with. But the operating costs of geothermal versus conventional HVAC systems will almost always be lower—and the geothermal system is almost always the greener choice.

Lowest Operating Cost

A GeoStar geothermal system can deliver an astounding five units of energy for every one unit of electrical energy used. But what does that mean for you? It means your GeoStar unit utilizes stored earth energy and safe electric power — which provide five times the amount of energy for the cost of one unit. Homeowners can realize savings up to 70% for heating, cooling, and hot water.

Greatest Comfort

Our systems provide precise distribution of comfortable air year-round. This means you won't have the hot or cold spots common with other systems. You also won't have to deal with the hot blasts associated with gas furnaces or the cooler air of an air source heat pump. Our units run more consistently which means your home is consistently comfortable — the air is even dehumidified in cooling mode so you can enjoy cool dry air.


Picture this — you're relaxing outdoors in the peace and quiet until your neighbor's noisy air conditioner kicks on and disturbs your peace. GeoStar geothermal units are heating and cooling all in one package which means no noisy outdoor unit — everything is inside. We specially design these systems for incredibly quiet operation.


Since there is no noisy outdoor unit to worry about, our geothermal systems are not bothered by the wear and tear normally caused by rain, snow, ice, debris, temperature, or vandalism. Our indoor systems have proven to be very reliable and require very little maintenance — just like your refrigerator.

Environmentally Friendly

Our systems emit no carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse gasses that can be harmful to the environment and your family. We know your first priority is to keep your home and family safe and comfortable — now you can do that as well as helping the environment. GeoStar units are truly a natural green way of life.

It's Everywhere

Harnessing geothermal energy is possible virtually anywhere.

Create A Greener, More Energy-Efficient Home

Governmental agencies like the EPA and Department of Energy, consumer and industry groups, and geothermal system owners all agree: geothermal heating and cooling is considered the world's greenest and most energy-efficient. For more information on geothermal systems and creating a greener, more energy-efficient home contact GeoStar.

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Geothermal Heating and Cooling

No matter what climate you live in, the temperature throughout the year varies. For some climates that means blazing summers that cool to frigid winters. What many people don't realize is that the temperature below ground (regardless of climate or season) stays fairly consistent all year.

The ground absorbs 47% of the sun's energy as it hits the Earth's surface — this is how the ground is able to hold a consistent temperature. Whether you're in chilly Seattle or balmy Miami, the temperature just below the frost line stays relatively consistent. GeoStar geothermal systems tap into this free energy with an earth loop, which is where it all begins

Four Basic Geothermal Energy Sources

Closed-loop systems circulate a water-based solution through a "loop system" of small-diameter, high-density polyethylene underground pipes. Closed-loop systems can be installed horizontally, vertically or in a pond. Open-loop systems use an existing water well or surface water. Whether the system is open or closed, heat is transferred to or from the structure, regardless of outdoor temperature, to provide year-round comfort.

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Horizontal Loops

Often used when adequate land surface is available. Depending on geothermal system needs and space available, pipes are placed in trenches that range in length from 100 to 400 feet.

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Vertical Loops

The ideal choice for a geothermal heat pump when available land surface is limited. Well drilling equipment is used to bore small-diameter holes from 100 to 400 feet deep.

Pond/Lake Loops Example Image

Pond / Lake Loops

Very economical to install when a large body of water is available for use by the geothermal heating and cooling system. Coils of pipe are simply placed on the bottom of the pond or lake to capture the geothermal energy.

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Open Loops

In ideal conditions, an open-loop application can be the most economical type of geothermal system. These use groundwater from a well as a direct energy source.

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