UO5 Thermostat


A powerful and versatile choice, this thermostat works perfectly with most GeoStar systems — single or dual capacity units with ECM or PSC blower motors. Comfort Talk, text based output, dual fuel capability, and 4-wire installation are only a few of the features that make this thermostat a great partner for your geothermal system. 4-wire compatibility allows easy upgrade from old single stage heating and cooling equipment without having to update to 8 wires.

U05 Thermostat


Auto Changeover

Provides the option to automatically switch from heating to cooling with no effort.

Comfort Talk

Thermostat automatically translates Fault Flash codes to on-screen text for easy diagnosis.


Ability to regulate different temperatures for different days or times of day.

Dual Fuel

Thermostat automatically switches from geothermal to a supplemental heating source if needed.

Text Based

Current conditions and status messages are rendered on-screen in text.


Easy upgrade of existing thermostat wiring rather than updating to the 8-wire offering.


Ability to gather additional data on indoor/outdoor temperature.


4.25” H x 6.25” W x 1.1”D
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Accessories available

TSU01 – Indoor surface mount sensor
TSU02 – Outdoor sensor
TSU03 – Indoor flush mount sensor

Suitable For

Single or dual capacity geothermal units with ECM or PSC blower motors.

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