CM-UO4 Thermostat
with Humidity Control


This powerful communicating thermostat is perfect for any system with Aurora controls. It provides instantaneous energy monitoring, Comfort Talk, text based output, dual fuel capabilities, as well as humidity control. This thermostat is a great partner for your geothermal system. Choose this unit if you have a whole-house humidifier.

CM-U04 Thermostat


Auto Changeover

Provides the option to automatically switch from heating to cooling with no effort.


Allows the ability to view and control humidity levels throughout your home.


Ability to regulate different temperatures for different days or times of day.


Easy upgrade of existing thermostat wiring rather than updating to the 8-wire offering.

Text Based

Current conditions and status messages are rendered on-screen in text.


Communicates seamlessly with the Aurora family of controls to display faults and energy usage right at the thermostat.

Comfort Talk

Thermostat automatically translates Fault Flash codes to on-screen text for easy diagnosis.

Energy Monitoring

Monitor your unit’s energy usage right at the thermostat.

Dual Fuel

Thermostat automatically switches from geothermal to a supplemental heating source if needed.


4.25” H x 6.25” W x 1.1”D
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Accessories available

TSU01 – Indoor surface mount sensor
TSU02 – Outdoor sensor
TSU03 – Indoor flush mount sensor

Suitable For

Only available with the Sycamore and Aston Series.

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