Introducing IntelliZone®2, part of the next generation of equipment. The IntelliZone2 works in unison with our Aurora controls to provide the perfect temperature in up to six separate zones when used with our variable capacity Sycamore Series. Control up to four zones with our Aston Series. The IntelliZone2 gives you the power to condition where and when you choose. The result is the ultimate in comfort and cost savings. You’ve already chosen the best heating and cooling system available; now choose the most advanced zoning system available to control it.

House zoning

Comfortable for Everyone

Now you can precisely regulate temperatures in multiple areas of your home using separate thermostats or sensors. Gone are the days of needing to endure a hot upstairs bedroom or being forced to heat a guest bedroom that’s only used during the holidays.

CC-U01 Thermostat

Interactive Touch-Screen Control

Unique among zoning systems, IntelliZone2 is controlled from a beautiful color touch-screen thermostat. Its 4.3” display can be customized with images like family photos.

Energy monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Units with Aurora Advanced Controls provide support for precise energy monitoring. Gain insight by monitoring monthly, weekly or daily analysis of your unit’s energy usage.

Aurora control boards

Designed Around Aurora Controls

All the advanced features of our Sycamore and Aston Series heat pumps are fully supported including energy monitoring, plain-English error communication, SuperBoost cooling and Active Dehumidification.

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Suitable For

Only available with the Sycamore or Aston Series

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