Groundbreaking Technology

The Sycamore Series utilizes new variable capacity technology making it one of the most efficient geothermal units available and the ultimate in performance and reliability.

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The Sycamore Series

GeoStar products are designed to heat and cool while saving you money and protecting our environment. We combine innovative technology and components to achieve the highest levels of performance and peace of mind, and our Sycamore Series is the most impressive system yet.

The Sycamore surpasses both the 41 EER and 5.3 COP efficiency barriers, making it much more efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems and 33% more efficient than any dual stage geothermal heat pump.

A variable capacity compressor works in concert with a variable speed blower motor and variable speed loop pump to provide the utmost in comfort. Now the entire system can ramp itself up or down to provide exactly the output a home needs at any given time. Add in the Aurora family of controls for two-way communication, and you can sell one of the most advanced heating and cooling systems on the planet.

Check out the contractor-friendly features and components below, and contact us for more information on becoming a GeoStar distributor.

Variable capacity compressor

Variable Capacity Compressor

Offers soft start capabilities and a range of capacities from 20 – 130%. This breakthrough compressor can ramp up and down slowly to offer industry-leading efficiencies and quiet comfort. It can even eliminate the need for auxiliary heat in cold-weather climates.

Aurora controls

Aurora Controls

Offers full two way communication between components, advanced operating logic and robust troubleshooting capabilities. Aurora carries support for true energy monitoring, extended hot water generation control, and integration with our IntelliZone2 zoning system. Incorporating the Aurora Web Link* (AWL) module also extends communication protocols to include the internet, smart grids, home automation networks and more.

Variable speed pump

Variable Speed Pump

Our variable speed ECM circulator uses 60-80% less power than normal pumps. It works in unison with our variable speed blower and variable capacity compressor to form the most efficient comfort system you can buy.

Aurora Interface Diagnostic (AID) Tool

Aurora Interface Diagnostic (AID) Tool

This port allows you to comfortably service and diagnose our units without having to open them.

IntelliZone2 capability

IntelliZone2 Capability

The IntelliZone2 gives the homeowner the power to precisely control temperatures in up to 6 different areas. The result is the ultimate in comfort and cost savings.

Equipment energy monitoring

Equipment Energy Monitoring

Our Aurora controls provide the industry's most accurate energy monitoring. The homeowner can easily review a monthly, weekly or daily analysis of their unit's energy usage.

Advanced Hot Water Generation

Digital temperature monitoring, a separate power relay for the hot water generator pump, and multiple hot water set points to select from make this our most advanced hot water generation option yet.

Bi-Directional Electronic Expansion Valve

Provides the most precise refrigeration control available to help deliver the ultimate in high efficiencies and system reliability over a wide operating range.

SuperBoost Cooling

Used when extra cooling is needed, SuperBoost™ can ramp the system up to 130% capacity.

Active Dehumidification

When enabled at the thermostat, the Aurora control will adjust the system to maximize moisture removal.

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